Calibrate CJC
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Calibrate CJC



Allows you to calibrate Thermocouple temperature measurements by fixing a known temperature measurement using a calibrator or an ice bath. The Calibrate CJC menu is not available if you do not have the channel selected setup as a Thermocouple channel (see Input Types).


Please Note: Allow the instrument 30 minutes to warm up before calibrating CJC.



Activating Procedure


Opens the Calibrate CJC Dialog Box.


For best results in the field, make sure the device has been powered for 30 minutes to stabilize the CJC, lower you sample rate to 1 sample per second, and use an ice bath to reference 0C (or 32F).


 In the Edit menu click on Calibrate CJC.


Choose Edit Calibrate CJC. ALT, E, J





Calibrate CJC


Assuming an ice bath, the measurement above should be 32. Change the Desired Reading text box to 32 and click OK. This procedure should be performed for every thermocouple channel.


The Channel Settings > Reset CJC button may be used to revert to factory settings.