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Model L261

Stand-alone, Battery-operated True RMS Voltage Data Logger

  • Includes an L261 data logger, batteries, a USB cable, a pair of test leads and alligator clips, and software on CD
  • 0-600 VAC/DC measurement range
  • AC True RMS measurements
  • Built-in 240,000 sample memory
  • Built-in date and time clock
  • Alarm function
  • Battery-powered (2 AA cells)
  • EN 61010-1; 600V CAT III, 300V CAT IV
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L261 Data Logger
This data logger 0.1V resolutionThis data acquisition unit features one analog inputsThis data logger features a 0-600 V rangeThis data logger features sample rates 64 samples/cycle
This data logger stores data to internal memoryThis data logger has a USB interfaceThis data acquisition system has a 30-day Money back guarantee


Model L261 is a member of the Simple logger II series of instruments and is designed for stand-alone high voltage DC and TRMS AC measurements. It features a pair of safety banana sockets that accepts a direct connected voltage of up to 600 V with 0.1-volt resolution using the provided test leads and clips without any external signal conditioning. The instrument features a built in 240,000-sample memory, integrated LED indicators to display status, and a built-in USB interface for uploading configurations and downloading recorded data. The L261 is powered from two standard AA cells providing complete portability, and a "use anywhere" design.

The L261's data logging function supports sample intervals ranging from once every 125 milliseconds (eight times per second) to as long as once every day. Each L261 measurement is synchronized with the AC line such that 64 samples over one AC line cycle are taken. Frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2Hz around the nominal line frequency (50 or 60Hz). An integrated real time clock provides time and date stamping of logged voltage data.



Calibration Certificate

NIST Calibration Certificate


NIST traceable calibration certificate. Must be purchased at the same time as the L261 data logger.
Please Note: This calibration certificate requires a 2 week lead time (adds two weeks to shipping times) and cannot be returned for a refund.



AEMC Software

Included FREE with your AEMC Logger. Configuration and report generation software.

Dataview Data Logger Software


Number of Channels: 1
Input: Two recessed 4mm safety banana jacks
Input Level: 0 to 600VAC/DC
Accuracy (50/60Hz): 0 to 5V: unspecified
5 to 50V: ±(0.5% of Reading +1V)
50 to 600V: ±(0.5% of Reading +0.5V)
Resolution: 0.1V
Maximum Input Current***: 1.2 × 600V
Sample Rate: 64 samples/cycle
Input Impedance: 40MΩ
Storage Rate: Programmable from 125ms to 1 day
Storage Modes: Start/Stop, FIFO and Extended Recording Mode* (XRM™)
Recording Length: 15 minutes to 8 weeks, programmable using DataView®
Memory: 240,000 measurement (512kB). Recorded data is stored in non-volatile memory and will be retained even if battery is low or removed.
Communication: USB 2.0 optically isolated
Power Source**: 2×1.5V AA (LR6) alkaline batteries
Battery Life: 100 hours to >45 days (dependent on sample rate/recording length)
Dimensions: 4.94 × 2.75 × 1.28” (125 × 70 × 32mm)
Weight (with battery): 6.4 oz (180g)
Case: Polycarbonate UL94-V0
Vibration: IEC 68-2-6 (1.5mm 10 to 55Hz)
Shock: IEC 68-2-27 (30G)
Drop: IEC 68-2-32 (1m)
Operating Temperature: 14° to 122°F (-10° to 50°C)
Storage Temperature: -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
Relative Humidity: up to 85% at 95°F (35°C), Non-condensing
Altitude: 2000m
Safety Rating: EN61010-1; 600V CAT III; 300V CAT IV; Pollution Degree 2
Protection Degree: IP40
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility: EN 61326-1; 07/1997 (+A1 10/1998, +A2 09/2001, +A3 05/2004)
CE Approved: Yes

*This unique recording mode provides the opportunity to continuously record over long periods of time by reducing the storage resolution of the stored data and maintaining matching resolution for the newest data. Each time the memory fills up using XRM™, every other of the oldest stored samples is discarded making room for newer samples. This process continues until the recording is manually stopped.
**A memory backup capacitor provides backup power while the batteries are being changed. This backup capacitor will maintain the instrument for up to 10 seconds without batteries installed. After 10 seconds the date and time will need to be reset (data and configuration will be maintained). If the unit is connected to DataView® via a PC, the battery life is 100 hours regardless of the storage rate.
*** Input level beyond this range may damage the instrument.


Introduction to AEMC DataView Software
DataView Software

Introduction to AEMC DataView Software
Introduction to AEMC DataView Software
DataView Configuration Software

Learn how to set up your AEMC data logger with DataView Configuration software.