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Data Acquisition Accessories

Link Description
Full list Searchable list of accessories
AC/DC Current Probe AC/DC current probe for DI-710, DI-720, and DI-730 instruments
Adapters Various BNC and Banana adapters
Brackets Stacking brackets and handles
Cables Special custom data acquisition cables
DI-1000TC Accessories Miniature thermocouple connectors, brackets, cables and more for the DI-1000TC Series
DI-5B Accessories Backplanes and power supply for the DI-5B series
DI-8B Accessories Backplanes and power supply for the DI-8B series
FC-1 USB Ferrite Choke
HMP60 Temperature and humidity probe for select DI-710 Series products
R250 250Ω shunt resistor
Signal Interfaces DI-705 and DI-706 Signal Interfaces
Test Leads Banana couplers and hook clips
Thermocouples J, K, and T type thermocouples