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Excel Data Acquisition Without Programming!

Streaming data to Excel at up to 160K sample rate with powerful trigger modes, no other products give you more power.

Whether it's done is real time or after a set of data has been acquired, Microsoft Excel® is usually the ultimate target for data sets acquired. Excel resides on almost all computers, and provides a convenient and familiar approach to report generation and general analysis both after acquisition and in real time. Considering Microsoft is the clear leader in AI, we can expect Excel with AI capability in the near future. Give yourself a head start!

Even though Excel can store over 1,000,000 rows of data, it is still a small buffer for high speed data aquisition unless trigger modes are utilized so that only data of interests is captured. WinDaq ExcelLink supports advanced math to construct various trigger methods and every data point is examed when evaluating the trigger conditions, with up to 160K s/s data rate:

For recorded WinDaq files, use the free WWB ExcelLink to export data to Excel in real time