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ActiveX Control Library

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ActiveX Controls for Data Acquisition

Please Note: High sample rates (over 150K) may not be achievable using the ActiveX Controls.

Please Note: The ActiveX Controls DO NOT support synchronous data acquisition.

Product Highlights

The ActiveX control standard defined by Microsoft describes modular, reusable software components that can be used universally by any environment that supports the standard. For example, without modification, the same controls may be used by Visual BASIC, Visual C++, National Instruments LabVIEW, CEC TestPoint, Borland C++ Builder, Excel and many more. DATAQ Instruments' ActiveX control library consists of five components, each addressing a different application area (see below for a complete description of each). Context-sensitive on-line help is provided for each control. DATAQ Instruments' ActiveX control library supports the following products: DI-145, DI-148U, DI-149, DI-150, DI-151, DI-154RS, DI-158 Series, DI-190, DI-194RS, DI-195B, DI-4xx products, DI-5xx products, DI-7xx products (excluding model DI-770 products), and DI-5001.

Product Usage/Positioning

Support for ActiveX is multiplying at an exponential rate. High level analysis environments like MatLAB and Excel can also support ActiveX controls. In all these situations, the program has full access to all the functionality provided by the control. In the case of DATAQ Instruments' controls, this functionality includes access to WinDaq-acquired data in real time, complete control over data acquisition hardware functions, access to a graphic waveform plotting utility, read/write access to WinDaq data files, and more. Further the universal nature of the ActiveX control standard ensures a consistent and highly simplified software-to-hardware interface that yields programming code that is tremendously reduced in both size and complexity.

Who Should Use the ActiveX Control Library?

  • Anyone experienced in a programming language.
  • Due to the greatly simplified nature of ActiveX control implementation, controls provide an excellent opportunity for novice programmers to gain immediate results from their programming environment of choice.
  • Anyone who needs to control a process using digital or analog outputs as a function of WinDaq-acquired data.

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