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EL-GFX Data Logger Series Overview

Low-cost, wireless, battery-operated data loggers with Graphical Displays

Product Features

  • Built-in graphics display for trending, high/low capture, and more
  • Built-in sensors
  • Programmable high and low alarm thresholds
  • Both audible and visual alarm states
  • Automatic time and date stamping of logged data
  • Program the logger to begin recording immediately, or at a specific date and time
  • Built-in USB interface for battery charging and initial configuration
  • Security setting to allow/disallow data view or settings adjustment when deployed
  • LCD control to maximize batter life
  • Free configuration, review, and Excel-export software

Products in the Series


EL-GFX Data Logger series products are a line of low cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with a graphical display. Each product in the line offers a specific measurement function and range.

Typical EL-GFX Operating Modes

Start options (immediate start not shown)

EL-GFX Data Logger Delayed manual start EL-GFX Data Logger Delayed time/day start EL-GFX Data Logger Delayed temperature start
Delayed manual start Delayed time/day start Delayed temperature start

Data display options

EL-GFX Data Logger Current temperature display EL-GFX Data Logger Trend plot with current temp display EL-GFX Data Logger summary display
Current temperature
(low alarm triggered)
Trend plot with current temp
(high alarm triggered)

General status and local controls

EL-GFX Data Logger status screen EL-GFX Data Logger General control EL-GFX Data Logger Locked mode
Logger status screen General control Locked mode prohibits
local adjustments