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DI-2000 Data Acquisition Products

Product Features

  • Provided with WinDaq/Lite Software which records up to four channels (purchase unlock code to record all channels)
  • Up to 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution
  • Eight ±10 V armored analog differential inputs
  • Seven programmable digital ports
  • Software support includes ready-to-run WinDaq/Lite software and documented protocol for software development in all operating systems
  • .Net Class with Example program
  • CE Approved

Products in the Series

Product Comparison

Model Interface Resolution Channels Channel Expansion Max Sample Rate Display Data Storage Measurement
DI-2108 USB 12 to 16-bit 4 or 8 No 220,000 S/s Throughput PC PC or USB Flash ± 10V $149.00
DI-2108-P USB 16-bit 4 or 8 Yes 160,000 S/s Throughput PC PC ± 2.5V to ± 10V; 0-5V, 0-10V $349.00
DI-2008 USB 16-bit 4 or 8 Yes 200 S/s Throughput
2000 S/s with single channel
PC PC ± 10mV to ± 50V $299.00


Model DI-2000 series instruments deliver premium analog performance at a surprisingly affordable price. Eight analog input channels provide differential measurement flexibility with a full scale measurement range of ±10 V full scale range. You’ll observe fast phenomena that other products in the DI-2000 series price range would miss, with throughput sample rates up to 220 kHz with all analog and digital channels enabled. The differential input configuration provides noise rejection, easily adapts to single ended signal sources, and is protected up to ±300 V dc or peak ac so that inevitable measurement mishaps will not harm the instrument.

Adaptable anti-alias filter per channel

The DI-2108 employs an anti-alias filter per analog channel with automatic corner frequency selection. The filter is a CIC (cascaded integrator comb) type that uses as many as 512 samples per channel to calculate in real time as data is acquired. Filter response is optimized when sampling frequency is set to ten times the highest frequency of interest.

Flexible resolution analog-to-digital converter

The front-end of the DI-2108 feeds a flexible resolution analog-to-digital converter that ranges from 12 to 16 bits as a function of sampling rate. Lower sampling rates deliver higher resolution readings. A maximum sampling throughput rate of 220 kHz, provides up to 12 bits of resolution. Rounding off the analog subsystem are anti-alias filters per channel with automatic selection of corner frequency at approximately one tenth of the sampling frequency. Finally, an external trigger input allows A-D conversion to be synchronized to external events.

Programmable measurement flexibility

Model DI-2108-P features eight analog inputs that provide differential measurement flexibility and programmable ±2.5, 5, 10 V bipolar and 0-5 and 0-10 V unipolar ranges per channel.

Support for ChannelStretch™ multi-unit synchronization

Add up to fifteen additional units for a total of 128 analog channels and 112 digital ports to a maximum throughput rate ≥ 480 kHz using the DI-2108-P’s ChannelStretch™ technology. Multiple DI-2108-Ps connected to the same USB hub automatically synchronize to within 10 μS between units. If you need more USB ports to accommodate more DI-2108-P units, simply cascade multiple USB hubs to expand port count. Best of all, when using WinDaq software the enabled channels of all synced units flow into the same WinDaq application. They’re displayed and stored together as though they all originated from a single instrument. Synchronized instruments must have the same sample rate per channel, and have the same number of enabled channels independent of channel type or gain factor. The WinDaq/Unlock option per instrument is required to synchronize two or more DI-2108-Ps when using WinDaq software.