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DI-5B45 Frequency Input Modules

0 to 100kHz Input Range

Product Features

  • Accepts Frequency Inputs of 0 to 100kHz
  • Provides High Level Voltage Outputs
  • TTL Level Inputs
  • 1500 Volt Transformer Isolation
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 Transient Protection
  • Input Protected to 240VAC Continuous
  • ±0.05% Accuracy
  • CSA Certified

Products in the Series

Each DI-5B45 frequency input module provides a single channel of frequency input which is isolated and converted to a high level analog voltage output. This voltage output is logic-switch controlled, allowing these modules to share a common analog bus without the requirement of external multiplexers.

The frequency input signal can be a TTL level signal or a zero-crossing signal. Terminal 3 (+In) on the field-side terminal block is the "common" or ground connection for input signals. A TTL signal is connected from terminal 2 (-In) to terminal 3 (+In), while a zero-crossing signal is connected from terminal 4 (+EXC) to terminal 3 (+In). Input circuitry for each of the signal types has hysteresis built in. An input signal must cross entirely through the hysteresis region in order to trigger the threshold comparator.

A 5.1V excitation is available for use with magnetic pick-up or contact-closure type sensors. The excitation is available on pin 1 (-EXC) and the excitation common is pin 3 (+In).

The DI-5B45 is designed with a completely isolated computer side circuit that can be floated to ±50V from power common, pin 16. This complete isolation means that no connection is required between I/O common and power common for proper operation of the output switch.

A special circuit in the input stage of the module provides protection against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240VAC.