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DI-8B35 Linearized 4-wire RTD Input Modules

Linearizes RTD Signal

Product Features

  • Interfaces to 100Ω Platinum RTDs
  • Linearizes RTD Signal
  • High Level Voltage Outputs
  • 1500Vrms Transformer Isolation
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 Transient Protection
  • Input Protected to 240VAC Continuous
  • 120dB CMR
  • 70dB NMR at 60Hz
  • Low Drift with Ambient Temperature
  • CSA, FM and CE Certifications Pending
  • Mix and Match Module Types

Products in the Series

DI-8B modules are an optimal solution for monitoring real-world process signals and providing high level signals to a data acquisition system. Each DI-8B35 module isolates, filters, amplifies, and linearizes a single channel of temperature input from an RTD and provides an analog voltage output.

RTD excitation is provided from the module using a precision current source. Excitation current does not flow in the input signal leads, which allows RTD measurements to be made independent of lead resistance. The excitation currents are small (0.25mA) which minimizes self-heating of the RTD.

Signal filtering is accomplished with a three-pole filter optimized for time and frequency response which provides 70dB of normal-mode-rejection at 60Hz. One pole of this filter is on the field side of the isolation barrier for anti-aliasing, and the other two are on the system side.

A special input circuit on the DI-8B35 module provides protection against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240VAC. Clamp circuits on the I/O and power terminals protect against harmful transients.

The modules are designed for installation in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations and have a high level of immunity to environmental noise.