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EL-WiFi Data Logger Series Overview

Low-cost, wireless, battery-operated data loggers

Product Features

  • Wireless communication to any PC using WiFi.
  • 802.11b-compliant for universal compatibility
  • Programmable high and low alarm thresholds.
  • Seamlessly uploads memory to host PC at programmable intervals.
  • Automatic time and date stamping of logged data.
  • Program the logger to begin recording immediately, or at a specific date and time.
  • Built-in display shows current, min/max readings, alarm states all the time without the need to push button to show
  • Built-in USB interface for battery charging and initial configuration.
  • Hardened plastic bracket for easy deployment.
  • Free configuration, review, and Excel-export software
  • Cloud-based Device Management allows you to view recorded data and configure your devices over the internet

EL-Wifi Data Logger series products are a line of low cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with with wireless connectivity and an LED display. Each product in the line offers a specific measurement function and range.

Products in the Series



Typical EL-WiFi Deployment Options

Wireless PC or Laptop connected to a LAN

EL-WiFi Data Logger Deployment

PC or Laptop connected to a LAN via Ethernet Cable

EL-WiFi Data Logger Deployment 2

Working with EL-WiFi Data Loggers (click on image for closer view)

View the EL-WiFi Data Loggers that are connected

View Connected Data Loggers

Click on the View Sensors Icon in the configuration software to view connected data loggers.

Overview of Connected Data Loggers

Overview of connected data loggers

This screen lists all the data loggers on the PC's network, and provides information about each:

  • Data logger name and MAC address
  • WiFi signal strength as detected by the sensor
  • Data logger battery status
  • Data logger alarm status (see below)
  • The data logger's WiFi connection status (Connected, Waiting for sensor, Disconnected)
  • A virtual real time picture of the data logger's display that updates as new data is transmitted.

Near the bottom of this display you can wirelessly adjust data logger settings, view a graph of sensor-acquired data, and mute the PC's audible alarm if any sensor is in the alarm state.

Typical Alarm condition for EL-Wifi Data Loggers

A typical alarm condition

When an EL-WiFi data logger enters an alarm state, that condition is clearly indicated on its status display with a red-flashing icon of an alarm bell. If the PC's internal speaker is enabled, a ringing alarm sounds as an audible indication of a detected alarm state.