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Programmer's Data Acquisition SDK

For all DATAQ Hardware except the DI-100 Series, the DI-770 Series, EL-USB Data Loggers, Graphtec GL Data Loggers, and DI-900MB Products

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  • Comes Free With Every Hardware Purchase (Except DI-100 Series, the DI-770 Series, EL-USB Data Loggers, Graphtec GL Data Loggers, and DI-900MB Products)
  • DLL Supports Windows-Based Programming
  • Library Supports DOS-Based Programming
  • Windows Enhanced Mode Support For Multitasking Performance

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Product Highlights

Our Programmer's SDK provides everything you need to program DI-400, DI-500, DI-700, DI-720 and/or DI-730. Series data acquisition instruments from virtually any standard programming language. DOS programmers can use the SDK in library form with any Microsoft compiled language (Quick BASIC or C) including assembly level code. Windows programmers may tap the power of DI-400, DI-500, DI-700, DI-720, and/or DI-730 Series hardware through the SDK's dynamic link library (DLL). Either approach provides access to analog I/O, dual direction DMA, digital I/O, and more.

Linkable Libraries For DOS

Programmers developing outside the Windows environment can use our Programmer's SDK libraries with Quick BASIC, Quick C, C, and assembly-level languages.

DLL For Windows

Programmers developing under Windows will find our dynamic link library well-suited for programs running in the standard and enhanced modes. Support is provided for Visual C and Visual BASIC, as well as any other Windows programming language.

Analog Input Instructions

Get ADC data using the immediate command, or perform continuous, gap-free transfers via DMA.

Analog Output Instructions

Output a single word to any supported card, or perform continuous analog output via DMA.

Digital I/O Instructions

Perform digital input, digital output, or both simultaneously.

Built-In Scan List Management

Maintain two scan lists for analog and digital input and output. Dedicate one scan list for analog and digital input, and another for analog and digital output.

Supports Simultaneous I/O

Perform analog and digital I/O simultaneously on all instruments except the DI-401, DI-700, and all Ethernet models. Only the immediate functions (one-shot, single data value operations) on USB model instruments support simultaneous analog and digital I/O.

Assign Sample Rate Per Channel

The Programmer's SDK allows access to the instrument's powerful input and output scan lists where sample rate ratios as large as 64,000:1 may be configured. There is no need for more channels in the list than you intend to use, and channels appear in the lists only once. A simple formula determines the sample rate per channel:

S = B ÷ [ L (C + 1) ]

Where: S = Sample rate for the channel
B = Burst rate for the instrument (adjustable)
L = Number of elements in the scan list
C = Preset counter value for the channel