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Distributed and Synchronized Data Acquisition Products

Data acquisition systems are typically synchronized or distributed, but not both. Now, a new class of high-speed data acquisition hardware from DATAQ Instruments gives you the best of both worlds. With it you can acquire data across a dispersed network of data acquisition systems, with complete synchronization. That means that channel values across individual units are acquired in the same time slot, thus allowing meaningful comparisons. The first channel of the first unit, for example, can be precisely compared in time with data acquired on the last channel of the last unit, even though they are separated by hundreds of meters of CAT-5 cable. You can even set up individual units and channels to sample at different rates and still maintain complete synchronization.

DATAQ Instruments' Ethernet interface communication option connects DI-720/-730/-785/-788 Series products to any PC or local area network (LAN). The option uses CAT-5 cable to yield continuous data acquisition rates up to 150,000 samples per second throughput for a single device. Multiple devices connected to the same network can achieve a total throughput rate as high as 2,500,000 samples per second or more. Adding more flexibility, multiple DI-720/-730 products, each equipped with an Ethernet interface, may be simply daisy-chained together with CAT-5 cable to form an ad-hoc extended network of separated, yet fully synchronous data acquisition stations. Each station can sample at the same or different rate as other stations and still maintain full synchronization. The maximum distance between stations can be as much as 100 meters, and using multiple stations a distributed data acquisition network of virtually any length may be deployed.

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8 Channels
16 Channels
32 Channels

Voltage Measurements Supported

±1.25V to ±10V
±2.5V to ±20V
±10mV to ±60V
±10mV to ±1000V


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