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Download Example ODBC Programs

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How can I use the ODBC Text Driver with WinDaq?

The Microsoft ODBC Text Driver can be used to collect data from a WinDaq file that has been converted to text or .csv.

The benefits of using the ODBC Text Driver are:

  • Use standard SQL statements to query your data quickly.
  • When you use ODBC, the DATAQ ActiveX controls are NOT necessary.

Follow the two easy steps below to learn how to use the ODBC Text Driver with WinDaq:

STEP 1: Convert your WinDaq (.wdq) files to .csv from the WWB or to .txt with the WinDaq File Manager.

The WinDaq File Manager is a free, ready to use add-on program that allows the user to organize WinDaq files and open them in the WWB or export to a .txt or .xls file. Click here to download the WinDaq File Manager.

STEP 2: Download the dataqODBC Visual Basic 6.0 example program to learn how to connect to the ODBC and fill your data into a searchable record set. To download the dataqODBC example program, go to:

Connection String:

"Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};Dbq=c:\txtFilesFolder\; Extensions=csv;"