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0-30 PSI, 4-20mA Linear Output High Accuracy Pressure Transducers


  • Measure pressure from 0-30 PSI
  • 4-20mA linear output
  • 8-30V supply voltage
  • Made with 316 stainless steel and high temperature auto-graded plastic
  • Accuracy ±0.5%FS.
  • Works for oil, fuel, brake fluid, water or air pressure
  • 250 Ohm shunt resistor & mating connector with wire harness (pigtail) included
  • IP65-66 Rated
  • Compatible with DATAQ Instruments hardware products DI-2008 and DI-808
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0-100 PSI, ±0.5% Accuracy  Pressure Sensor


The 4-20mA linear output pressure sensor measures from pressure 0-30 PSI when connected to a DATAQ Instruments Data Acquisition product or Data Logger.

Its 4-20mA linear output guarantees minimal signal losses compared to voltage type signals over long distances, and its output will not be significantly affected by supply voltage. Live zero reading verifies sensor is electrically functional.

The pressure sensor allows DATAQ Instruments data acquisition and data logger units to acquire oil, fuel, air, brake fluid (DOT3/DOT4) or water pressure (PSI) information. The combination of these two products provides a compact solution, with transducer excitation provided by the data logger. The logger itself allows data to be communicated to a connected PC over either a USB or Ethernet interface. Optionally, many data loggers can store data to a removable USB thumb drive to satisfy stand-alone applications. Even with a connected pressure sensor, the data logger channel capacity allows additional channels of information to be acquired and correlated with pressure information to satisfy nearly any level of measurement expansion.




Spare wire harness with mating connector

DC/DC Converter


Spare 3-foot long wire harness (pigtail) with mating connector and seal for pressure transducers


4-20mA Current Loop Shunt Resistor

$ 2.99
R250 Shunt Resistor


250 Ω ±0.1% Precision, Metal Film, 1/2W, Axial Resistor
Exceptionally low noise; typically 0.10 μV/V
Low voltage coefficient to ±5 ppm/V
Flame retardant coating. RoHS compliant. Learn More


Measurement Range: 2000361-30HX-1: 0 to 30 PSI
Material: 316 stainless steel and high temperature auto-graded plastic
Output: 4-20mA linear output
Supply Voltage: 8-30V
Long Term Working Temperature: -40 to +85ºC (-40 to +185ºF)
Accuracy: ±0.5%FS
Thread: 1/8” NPT-27
Protection Class: Typical IP65-66, depending on electric connection.
Overload Capacity: 2 times.
Pressure Medium: Any gas or liquid compatible with 316L stainless steel
Long-term stability: ± 0.5%FS/year
Temperature Effect on Zero: Typical: ±0.02%FS/ºC
Maximum: ±0.05%FS/ºC
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity: Typical: ±0.02%FS/ºC
Maximum: ±0.05%FS/ºC
Response Time: ≤1ms
Insulation Resistance: >100mΩ 500VDC
Explosion-proof Class: ExiaTTCT6
Electromagnetism Compatibility: EN61326-1-2013
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
Wiring connector: Water sealed quick-disconnect. Mating connector and wire harness (pigtail) included.
Wiring: Red for +8-30V Supply Voltage
Black for 4-20mA output
Yellow or Green: No connected
Warranty: 90 days

Logger inaccuracy not included in these specifications.


Learn how to make 4-20mA current measurements using the R250 shunt resistor.