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Model EL-WiFi-Alert - Discontinued

Alarm for EL-WiFi Data Loggers

Out of

This item is discontinued and no longer available. Consider the EL-WIFI-TPX+.

  • Detects alarm conditions from any number of EL-WiFi data loggers
  • Emits an audible alarm at one of 10 user-defined volume levels
  • Includes nine unique alarm sounds
  • Flashing red LEDs provide a visual alarm indicator
  • A built-in, rechargeable battery keeps the unit functioning in the event of a power failure
  • Includes free, downloadable configuration software
  • 802.11b compliant
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  • Open Box item Available
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This data logger works with a wifi connection.Get same day shipping when you order this data logger before 3PM ETThis data acquisition system has a 30-day Money back guaranteeUse coupon code EL10USB for 10% off your Lascar data logger purchase.An open box item is available for this data logger.


The EL-WiFi-Alert is a stand-alone hardware add-on for EL-WiFi series data loggers. The sole purpose of the EL-WiFi-Alert is to provide an audio/visual notification when one or more of your EL-WiFi series data loggers (installed on the same wireless network) indicates an alarm state.

Using the downloadable EL-WiFi-WIN software, you can choose from nine unique alarm tones and 10 volume levels. In addition to the audible alarm, a flashing LED indicator, housed under the translucent rear cover, provides a striking visual cue. The audible and LED alarm indicators can be enabled/disabled independently, and can be muted after a user-defined period of time, from 30 seconds to one hour.

The EL-WiFi-Alert is great complement to the built-in alarm indicators on all EL-WiFi series data loggers and in the PC based WiFi Sensor software. EL-WiFi-Alert units can be placed in secondary locations, out of sight of the EL-WiFi loggers themselves. When the EL-WiFi-Alert conveys an alarm, you can view the PC-based software to determine which unit(s) are in an alarm state. This added flexibility allows you to identify and respond to alarms that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Back-up battery life: 2 Days
USB Supply Voltage: Minimum: 4.5 VDC
Typical: 5 VDC
Maximum: 5.5 VDC
Sound output: 100 dBA @ 1m
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
Number of Loggers per PC: 253 Loggers
Supported Security Standards: WEP 64 bit; WEP 128 bit; WPA-PSK; WPA2-PSK



Provides an audible and visual indication when an alarm level is reached on an EL-WiFi Data Logger.

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