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WinDaq Acquisition software can integrate 3rd party add-ons to its functionality, which can be accessed via WinDaq's pull down menu: WinDaq->View->Add-ons. For instructions on incorporating your own add-on see our instructions page.

WinDaq XY Viewers

Live XY charting for WinDaq and WWB


Originally designed for GE Mining Division, these two XY plotting utilities are great tools for trouble shooting their mining equipments.

WinDaq Data Acquisition XY Viewerse


WinDaq-to-Excel Real Time Link

Real-time data logging directly to Microsoft Excel (supports MS Office 2003 or higher). No programming required. Free Trial Version. Purchase full version on WinDaq/XL product page.

WinDaq Data Acquisition Software

The following programs are from a 3rd party entity - DATAQ Instruments does not provide any warranty or support.
WinDaq Add-on package from Ultimaserial includes



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